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Women's Ministry

Discovery Church is a multicultural church with women of all ages from all over the globe. The women’s ministry meetings are an opportunity to get to know each other better, learn from each other, and build relationships while having fun together.

October 2023

Women at Discovery Church

The women's ministry is an important part of life at Discovery Church.  Our aim is to provide women with the opportunity to build connections, encourage, support and help each other grow together and have fun while building rich and lasting connections that are meaningful and challenging.


Our "Flourish" conference in June 2023 brought women together from across Ireland to hear Joanie Reily speaking on the importance of caring for our soul.  

2022-2023  we enjoyed celebrating the many different cultures in our church, and this gave us a taste of the richness of the Indian, African and South American cultures.  These evenings were a great opportunity for inviting friends and family.

From September to June, we meet the second Friday of every month. 

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