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Christian Churches Ireland

Discovery Church is a member of Christian Churches Ireland (CCI) (formerly known as the Assemblies of God, Ireland).

Christian Churches Ireland is a movement of Pentecostal churches spread across the length and breadth of the island. Whilst each individual church is self-governing and autonomous, each commits itself to work and partner together with other churches in the movement for the purpose of mutual support and the spread of the Gospel in Ireland and beyond.

The Assemblies of God Ireland was formed in 2006 and has experienced consistent growth ever since. Its National Leader, National Leadership Team and National Council formally adopted a new name of Christian churches Ireland in November 2016.

In our churches, you’ll find vibrant, contemporary Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ and express that love in lively praise and worship and in caring relationships. Christian Churches Ireland are bible-loving, Evangelical and Pentecostal, and are about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

For more information on CCI, please click here.


Discovery Church is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance (EAI).

EAI is a movement of churches, organisations and individuals coming together to express their common identity and purpose in engaging Irish society with the gospel so that people might encounter justice, peace, wholeness, truth, mercy and love in their everyday lives.

For more information on EAI, please click here.

Evangelical Alliance
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