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Social Media Team
Are Recruiting!

Interested in expanding your skills as a designer or just take an interest in design?

Our social media & design team are recruiting people that would be interested in the following areas:

- Graphic Design: Designing stunning graphics for social media or physical media (posters, flyers, notebooks, etc.)

- Video Design: Producing, shooting and editing videos in church for social media or in-church announcements.

- Copywriting: Writing blogs, social media posts, newsletters, etc. for church announcements.

- Marketing: Market to people all over the world through social media marketing.

- Influencer: Use your voice or personality to be the spokesperson of the church through video, picture or voice.

Roles aren't limited to these areas! We would love to train and teach you the importance of branding and design within a church and how to market to people in Galway, Ireland and around the world.

Sound interesting?

Apply below to join our amazing design team today!

Apply Here

Thanks for submitting!

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