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Discovery Kids.

Welcome to Discovery Kids!

We are so excited to have kids aged 6-12 or Senior Infants to 6th Class spending time learning about how much God loves them in a fun and creative environment.

Kids spend time playing games, doing crafts, dancing, singing, playing instruments, and listening to
God’s word every week.

We also have fun events like our Summer Kids Camp, Easter Family Picnic,
Autumn Fest, and Christmas Choir.

What Can I Expect?

Discovery Kids Church hopes to ensure that each child has a foundational experience with a living

As we grow up the world calls us to walk away from Church, from God, and from His Word.
When children experience the impact of the love of God on their lives they cannot deny that He is
alive, He is Good, and His love and mercy are available to each child just as they are, exactly where
they are at.

Through games, crafts, a Bible-based curriculum, music, fun, and loving relationships we
here at Discovery Kids try to show the wonderful working power of Jesus Christ to each child.

We have an amazing program that includes a weekly Sunday service from 10am to 11am. We also
have big, fun events throughout the year.


In Spring, we have an Easter Family day Picnic with old-school games like the egg and spoon race, the three-legged race, egg hunts, and sack races, along with great food and family fun.

In Summer, we have our Discovery Kids camp. This is a week-long Summer camp packed with a very theatrical play, games, crafts, and fun. With nearly a hundred children attending, it is a wonderful week and a main part of our calendar. We also have a summer music program that includes free guitar and piano lessons for kids aged 6-12 which finishes with a big concert for families to attend.


In Autumn, we have our Autumn Fest. Costume parties, apple decorating, crafts, relay races, and donut-eating competitions fill the fun day.


Finally, we have our Christmas Eve Candlelit Carole Service featuring the Discovery Kids Choir.

Volunteer &

Feel like God is calling you to volunteer in a ministry?

Maybe you just want to serve in the church?

Why not join one of our amazing teams and bring your talents to one of our many ministries?

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