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Privacy Consent Form.

Consent for the Use of Personal Data.
I consent to contact by Discovery Church Galway to enable provision of pastoral services and to keep me informed about news, events, activities and services at Discovery Church Galway and within the larger community.

Text Messages


I would like to be included in text message groups
I would like to be included in WhatsApp message groups

Serving at Discovery


I would like to be included in Discovery Church emails
I would be interested in joining a team at Discovery Church

I understand and agree that where my personal data is used as part of an informational grouping (i.e. text and/or WhatsApp messages) it is used with my permission and that others may see my personal details and my responses. I have read and agree to the following:

  • My personal data will be stored in accordance with the intended purpose and all applicable legal regulations.

  • My personal data will be used in the automatic creation of a profile that may be used for the purposes of contacting me to share information or to communicate directly regarding Discovery Church Galway's business.

  • Discovery Church Galway will notify me of the processing of my personal information for any purpose other than the ones defined above.

I am aware of my right to access as well as to correct the personal data held. I am aware that at any time, I may withdraw my consent for the collection, retention, and processing of my personal data and may request a stop to the processing of my data. With the withdrawal of consent, it is no longer possible to fulfill the purpose for which data was collected.

Withdrawal of consent must be given in writing.

I am aware that I may exercise all relevant rights, queries or complaints by contacting Annie Fahy, Data Protection Designated Person at Discovery Church Galway, and/or the Data Protection Commissioner.

By submitting this form, I confirm that I consent to Discovery Church Galway's holding and processing of my personal data.

Thanks for submitting!

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